become a supplier of SGI


Notice of the establishment of the qualification system SGI
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Supplier qualification
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The activities of interest of SGI are published in the Appendix section, divided into three items: GOODS, WORKS AND SERVICES, each of which is characterized by their level of criticality and type of process required for the qualification procedure.
The supplier candidate interested to be included in the supplier register of SGI, once identified the Product Groups (GM) of interest, must take notice of the following documents:

Codice Etico
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Request for qualification procedure
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Supplier qualification appendix
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Effectuate registration on the portal:


After successful registration on the Achilles portal, forward the qualification request by e-mail in ".pdf" format to the following address:

The evaluation criteria of the supplier candidates are mainly the following:
•    Financial Reliability;
•    Administrational capacity;
•    Organizational capacity;
•    Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements;
•    Technical capacity;
•    Requirements of health, safety, environment and quality, accident rates;
•    Quality and product technology.