Code of Ethics

Since 2006, SGI adopted a Code of Ethics  (hereinafter the “Code”) featuring the set of values that inspire the actions of the Company and describes the behaviour to be followed in the conduct of business operations.

The principles featured in the Code sets the activity of SGI in a framework of legality, integrity, fairness and transparency, respecting the legitimate interests of all parties with which SGI comes in daily relationship.

All SGI employees, without distinction or exception, within the scope of their duties and responsibilities in shall act accordance with the provisions of the Code, to whom they assume a specific contractual obligation and recognise that are an essential feature of their professional services.

SGI Board of Directors appointed an external Supervisory Body to promote awareness and enforcement of the Code.

The Supervisory Body responds to requests for clarification and interpretation of the Code’s principles, suggestions for its application, reports of its violations whether directly or indirectly ascertained, using the following contact details:


SGI Supervisory Board

c/o Dott. C. Ravazzin

Viale Mazzini, 6

00195 Roma  (RM)



SGI guarantees, pursuant to and for the purposes of Law 30/11/2017 n. 179 (cd. Whistleblowing Discipline), the confidentiality of the identity of the person reporting unlawful acts of others and prohibits acts of retaliation or discrimination, direct or indirect, to the reporting agent, for reasons directly or indirectly connected to the reporting.

SGI also guarantees, in its applicable disciplinary system, sanctions against those who violate the measures for the protection of the reporting agent of unlawful acts of others, as well as those making wilful or grossly negligent reports that prove to be unfounded.

Codice Etico
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