Code of Ethics

Since 2006, SGI has adopted its Code of Ethics bringing together the set of values that inspire day to day actions and behaviours pursued in carrying out the Company's operations.

The principles set out in the Code define SGI's activities within a framework of legality, integrity, fairness and transparency, in full compliance with the legitimate interests of all parties interacting with SGI.

The Code of Ethics requires all SGI employees to respect its principles in their actions and behaviour while performing their functions. Compliance with the Code is a fundamental component of SGI employees work quality and professional performance, as well as a clear contractual obligation.

The Board of Directors of SGI nominated an external Supervisory Body, in order to promote the awareness and implementation of the Code.

The Supervisory Body responds to requests for clarification and interpretation of the Code’s principles, suggestions for its application, reports of its violations whether directly or indirectly ascertained.

SGI guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the person reporting unlawful acts, and prohibits any direct or indirect retaliatory and discriminatory acts against such person, for reasons directly or indirectly connected with the report.

SGI applicable disciplinary system shall also provide for penalties against whoever fails to safeguard the reporting entity, as well as who wilfully or due to gross negligence make unfounded reports.

Supervisory Board can be contacted by mail or email at the following address:

SGI Supervisory Board

c/o Dott. C. Ravazzin
Via Leone XIII, 464
00165 Roma  (RM)




Codice Etico
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