Operation plans

Operation Plans

Operation Plans (hereinafter Plan) are published in accordance with Art. 4.1 Resolution 137/02 published by the Electricity and Gas Authority.

The Operational Management System, and the ordinary and extraordinary operation activities, is run out of the main office of Frosinone (FR) and the other operations center of Chieti (CH). The main network is divided into operation areas , so as to ensure a continuous and constant presence on the territory.  S.G.I. S.p.A. operates an optimized management of pipelines through a co-ordinated monitoring system , developed in partnership with leading consulting firms in the industry, The Network is divided in sections of homogeneous intervention. These trunks have been defined taking into account the characteristics of urbanization, presence of pipeline installations and other infrastrucutures / or line control tools, the concentration of offtake points and relevant gas demand and the geomorphology and orographic conformation of the terrain involved.

The status of the equipments deployed across the network  is ensured  by the analysis of surveillance reports that are gathered daily at the district operation centres.

The plants efficiency is ensured by a maintenance programs drawn up annually on the basis of operating procedures compliant withUNI.CIG standards and good gas transportation industry practice and calibrated on the basis of the needs identified.  It is demonstrated by the fact that, historically, there have been no disruptions or malfunctioning due to deterioration or malfunction of the piping and related equipment.

For specialized maintenance activitiy, the company recurs to  different specialized firms with diversified expertise and areas of intervention.

The reliability of supply, even under special climatic conditions, is guaranteed by the interconnection of the system with the Major System Operator  and  with several  gas Production and  Gas Storage inlet points.

To ensure a timely management, SGI uses SCADA systems in continuous improvement, which allows to operate the remote reading, remote alarm, remote control and monitoring of the main parameters of interest.

Emergencies are recorded through the system and remote alarm signals from the outside through toll 800-182-782, 24-hour 24, or at 0775 -88601, These emergency numbers are also highlighted on the  warning poles laid along the pipelines routes.

Emergencies are handled through procedures identified in the "General Plan of Emergency", which involves the activation of a specific "crisis unit" according to the severity required. In particular, SGI, is structured with a out of hours plan in order to ensure timely:

the presence on the site of a disaster emergency response team coordinated by a team leader and assisted by specific external companies conctracted also to provide emergency response support

the presence, at the Operations Centre, a manager who acts as a supervisor in order to prevent any disruption to customers and implement appropriate counter-measures, including the activation of the service cylinder trucks.

The maintenance plan is published on SGI website  in the relevant Gas Year section