SINBIO Project

SINBIO Project (Integrated systems for the production and grid feeding of biomethane and synthetic gases from renewable sources)

SGI, in cooperation with AzzeroCO2, the start-up BioSyn and four Research Organizations (Pa.L.Mer, University of Rome "La Sapienza", University of Cassino and University of Tuscia), has launched the SINBIO project funded by the call "Progetti Strategici - Green Economy Area" of the Lazio Region, which promotes the integrated design of processes for alternative fuels (e. g. biomethane and synthetic gases) and technologies for their injection and storage in the existing gas transmission infrastructure, in accordance with national and international policies for the development of RES, the containment of climate-altering emissions and the reduction of dependence on oil.

SGI, together with the University of Cassino, will deal with the design and modelling of a Power-to-Gas plant for the injection of synthetic gas into the transmission network in different configurations and installation set-ups. The injection test will be carried out in the Frosinone Industrial Development Area. It will be the first field test of a program aimed at developing a range of solutions for the decarbonisation of high-temperature industrial processes based on renewable gases.

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Project funded by the call for proposals "Progetti Strategici 2019" CUP F82I20000300002 of the Lazio Region

Against an investment of € 461,995.83 a contribution of € 329,184.63 has been approved for the entire project.

The involvement of S.G.I. in the project activities foresses investments for € 59,062.50 and an approved contribution of € 28,012.50