Corporate press release

The Board of Directors of SGI acknowledged the resignation of Mr Federico Frassi from the office of Member of the Board of Directors of SGI with effect from 8 March 2023, upon completion of a handover phase commenced at the end of 2022.

From 2009, Mr Frassi has led the spin-off of the company from the Edison Group and its transformation into an infrastructural independent operator, being the first operator in Italy to be certified by ARERA as pure gas transport operator (2012), by investing more than €600 ml for the development and modernization of its gas network. This work now enables SGI to look forward and with confidence to the challenges of energy transition towards renewable gas and of security of supply.

The Board of Directors has expressed its sincere thanks to Mr Frassi for the dedication shown and for the important achievements over the past 13 years in terms of value creation for the company and wishes him success in the future.